Who Says Salads are Boring?


I have to admit for the first week of going wheat-free I did feel a little disheartened at the prospect of salads being seemingly the only option available for packed lunches especially at a time when I was spending most of my days in the university library away from my kitchen. But now I have to admit I am a little addicted to salads, if somebody asks me how I can eat salads almost everyday I would turn around and pose the question how can you eat sandwiches and pasta everyday? There’s so much creative license involved with a salad and so many different ingredients to experiment with, so I thought I’d show a few examples of salads I’ve being enjoying.

Salad option 1- Grilled Courgette Salad:

WP_20140428 2WP_20140428 15Grilled Courgette batons make a great addition to a salad. I cut up the courgette and then place the batons into a bowl to mix up with olive oil, salt and pepper before placing them under the grill, turning every so often until done. A sprinkling of grated cheese is the perfect finish. I would usually serve these on a salad of spinach, bell pepper slices and avocado slices but can vary it up with any ingredients: mushrooms, cucumber, tomatoes, variety of lettuce leaves etc… Also is it just me or does grilled courgette smell really good?!





Option 2- The salad for a sweet tooth:

WP_20140502 1This is a great salad for if you are craving something a bit more sweet. I simply chopped up one pickled beetroot, one apple and one sweet pepper and added it to a bed if spinach before sprinkling on some feta cheese.

Option 3- Roast Veg Salad:WP_20140502 12 

For this salad, I cut up some button mushrooms, courgette and carrot and roasted them in olive oil in the oven before adding them to a bed of spinach to form an easy packed lunch.

Option 4- Falafel Salad:

WP_20140502 22This packed lunch salad uses my homemade falafels over a handful of spinach, chopped yellow sweet pepper, tomato slices and again a sprinkling of feta cheese.

And this is only a very small sample of the variety of salads I make for myself. So if you aren’t already a fan, like I am, then what are you waiting for? Get experimenting.