FEOTW- 11/05/2014


Here is a little summary of my favourite experiments in the kitchen over the past week. First trialling something new that I’ve been intending to try for a while:

Home-made Veggie Burger:

carrot and lentil burger

Expect to see a blog post coming soon detailing my experimenting with this one, for now here’s a tasty veggie burger serving suggestion. I served mine on grilled aubergine ‘burger baps’ and sliced tomatoes and beetroot with some grilled button mushrooms on the side.

Aubergine Pizza Slices:

aubergine pizza

Here’s another little experiment using aubergines. I have recently been searching for wheat free pizza recipes but being short on time (and having almost zero baking experience) I am still unmotivated to try and make a cauliflower crust pizza or any of the other magical alternatives. And so I found the lazy way, fairly thick slices of aubergine, grilled then topped with tomato purée, cheddar and feta cheese, grilled until melted deliciously. For now this will be my go to method when craving pizza as it definitely did the trick whilst being quick and using minimal ingredients. I served my pizza slices with a spinach, tomato, pepper and beetroot salad.

After a few experiments I decided to go back to some basics…

Creamy Banana Oatmeal:

banana oatmeal
Porridge never gets old for breakfast. Here, I first did the oats in the microwave for one minute with water and a dash of cinnamon then stirred in a small spoonful of peanut butter and a large spoonful of Greek yoghurt and put back in for an additional half a minute. Then I stirred in some honey and chopped some bananas into the bowl and finished off for a further half a minute. Of course, this could also be made in a saucepan on the hob but I’m afraid my student ways have made me lazy. Served with my morning cup of Twinings tea this is a sweet way to start the day.

Quinoa Stuffed Pepper:

stuffed pepper

Bell Peppers are a fridge staple for me and stuffed peppers are one of the many reasons why, as my go to dish when I have lost inspiration. Here I used a mixture of quinoa, onion, mushroom, feta cheese and garlic with some tomato purée for added flavour.

The Perfect Post-Workout Snack:

peanut butter pancakes

These wheat and gluten free pancakes have been in the recipe inventory for a while but I recently began to get a bit more creative than the simple one banana, two eggs and a dash of cinnamon by adding in pumpkin seeds and raisins into the mixture. And then I discovered a whole new use for this recipe and I will never look back. Simply make up a batch when you have some free time and store them in the fridge and you’ve got the perfect post workout snack. I simply spread on some peanut butter, pop them in the microwave and I’m ready for my protein.

Courgette and Broccoli Frittata:

broccoli and courgette frittata

I’ve never tried a courgette and egg combination before but I have to say it was a definite hit. I boiled some broccoli and fried some sliced courgette before throwing these in, alongside sliced cherry tomatoes, with three beaten large eggs and cooked in a pan on low-medium heat. I always finish off my frittatas under the grill, in this case after sprinkling on some grated cheddar. This is a classic that will never let me down (I’d say the same about most recipes using eggs as their base).

And that is it for this week. what foods have you been enjoying?