My Hungarian Food Experience



So recently I went to Budapest for a graduation celebration city break, a city which I definitely recommend visiting if only for the stunning architecture. It was a cultural adventure from visiting the synagogue to watching the opera and of course discovering the food and drink on offer. Unfortunately Hungarian food is predominantly meat and so I didn’t try out the local cuisine, in fact there were a lot more East Asian restaurants than Hungarian and so as you’ll soon see this was predominantly the food I ate.

First of all, I have to put in a mention for the restaurant Imazs as the food was delicious and very affordable and the service was equally excellent. It was just a short walk away from our hostel and because there was plenty of choice on the menu we ended up visiting twice. Here are some of the dishes I enjoyed:


As pictured above: Vegetarian Pad Thai (the tofu was cooked to perfection), Avocado salad, Cucumber Maki and Tamago Nigiri and Miso Soup.

On the East Asian theme we visited a Japanese tearoom where I had this delicious drink (basically a green tea milkshake yum):


And there were plenty more café stops. My personal favourite was the Cat Café where there was a range of adorable cats as company whilst we sipped delicious drinks from a menu with plenty of variety including a ‘catpucino’! I had a cinnamon hot chocolate on my first visit and a gingerbread latte on my second.

gingerbread latteking catcinnamon hot choccatpuccino

I also had my first Iced Chai Latte on the journey back from the baths and it tasted like any other chair latte: heaven:
iced chai latte

Moving on to some more food, we went to a restaurant with a variety of food on offer, though I would not recommend the restaurant, based on atmosphere service and value for money, the food was both interesting and tasty. I wish could remember the details of the soup I ordered but it had rice, spinach and chickpeas the other photo is my friend’s stuffed aubergine starter:
stuffed aubergineDSCF1790

We also stopped for lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant which specialised in hummus and Falafels. The dishes looked delicious but unfortunately most of them had flatbread and so, avoiding wheat, I went with olives (not pictured) and an eggplant tahini:

We came across a little sweet store that had tasty and addictive treats! Though I can’t remember exactly what I bought but I do remember that they both contained peanuts as I was having major peanut butter cravings for the entire trip (how Hungarian people cope without peanut butter is beyond me):


On the last day we stopped for breakfast at a restaurant where I had a mushroom omelette and a latte which I’d developed a dangerous addiction too which has continued since!:


So that concludes my Budapest food and drink round up. We stayed in a self catering apartment so prepared and cooked most of our meals, I’m really missing eating breakfast out on the balcony but I am not missing struggling to prepare a wheat free packed lunch. Going to the market was a highlight of the trip and I only wish I’d taken a picture of the impressively sized aubergine we picked up from there.


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