Breakfast Mug Muffin


So I thought I’d share my go to breakfast at the moment inspired by the wonderful Cassey Ho from Blogilates and that is a blueberry and banana mug muffin. The original recipe can be found  here but I have made a few alterations and so thought I’d share my version. When I tried this recipe it was after I had realised I am wheat intolerant and I was craving blueberry muffins like crazy (as well as every other item of food in the bakery section of Tesco). I was disappointed with the result, the taste of the egg was really overpowering without the flour to balance it out and it didn’t taste sweet but instead like a savoury omelette with some blueberries thrown in.

And so I started to think of some alterations, I tried adding cinnamon, honey and pouring greek yogurt on the top but these didn’t change the taste but merely added a new flavour over the top. It was after I tried another of Cassey’s recipes, gluten free pancakes, that I realised the missing ingredient: Banana.

I don’t know what it is but mashed up banana and egg really do make the perfect combination as a replacement for wheat. So here it is a step by step guide to a simple, tasty and healthy breakfast. Just a little warning it doesn’t look as impressive as your Costa blueberry muffin but it tastes just as good and won’t leave your body feeling awful! Here goes:

The ingredients and equipment:

Muffin IngredientsThe Basic ingredients and equipment are:

  • one medium egg
  • a couple of drops of milk-I used semi skimmed cows milk but feel free to use almond/ soya etc
  • a small handful of porridge oats
  • a mashed up ripe banana- use a fork to mash it, the process is easier the more ripe the banana is
  • A mug, this was the only one I had but it’s a lot easier if the top of the mug is wider than the bottom
  • A microwave

Pretty simple, eh? and yes it tastes good as just a banana muffin if you don’t have any blueberries on hand but optional extras include:

  • A small handful of blueberries
  • A few pumpkin seeds (source of iron)
  • a dash of cinnamon
  • Raisins or any other dried fruit
  • Other berries

muffin mixture

So first things first, crack and whisk the egg in your chosen mug and then pour in all the other ingredients and give them a bit of a mix before placing in the microwave.

I put mine in for 2 minutes on full power but I hang by the microwave and keep an eye on it because it does rise and above the mug level if you aren’t careful. So I usually have to stop it a couple of times to let the mixture return to a safe level in the mug before restarting. Check that the mixture has ‘baked’ on the top- the only liquid should be from those delicious blueberries, if used. Now simply tip out of the mug onto a plate. I usually serve mine with honey (so satisfying when it melts over the warm muffin) a spoonful or two of greek yogurt and any fruit I have to spare, usually a few grapes. However, today I just drizzled honey on.

finished muffin

The finished result! I told you it wasn’t the prettiest of foods but it’s very satisfying and easy. Enjoy!


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